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We have two types of Weekly Horoscopes, one based on Sun Sign and the other based on Moon Sign. Please make your selection below:

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Sun Sign Weekly Horoscope based by Sandeep Bhargava : 10/11/2019 - 10/17/2019

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Sandeep Bhargava
Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava

ARIES (March 21 to April 20): This week is favorable for lovebirds who want to change their love relationships into marriage. Marital life is in contrast with this. Business in partnership will have a tough time getting along with your partner. Don't take any hash decisions for now. Little support will come from unexpected quarters that will boost your spirits and will show you the way to progress. In financial front, you may feel relieved on receiving money stuck up for a long time. However, unexpected domestic expenses will likely to upset you. You will enjoy good general health this time around.

TAURUS (April 21 to May 20): You'll be able to meet regular expenses at ease even though there's no major monetary gains expected this week. This will also be possible if you don't spend your money on luxury items for the sake of raising your social status. Businesspersons need to be attentive about their receivables and need to be careful before signing any document. In matters of the heart, in order to maintain healthy relationship, you need to look at positives in a personality instead being on a fault-finding mission. Remain careful about your health this week even a minor issue may get complicated.

GEMINI (May 21 to June 20): On work front, things may remain hectic and stressful due to complexities of the tasks. Businesspersons in the other hand will benefit here especially those who are dealing with foreign based companies. Make sure to understand the terms and conditions properly before you make any firm commitment. This will be good time to plan things with long term financial perspective. Avoid lending money to anyone, especially friends and relatives as you may not get it back as promised.

CANCER (June 21 to July 22): Businesspersons will not make much headway this week and no major deal coming up for negotiations. Professionals may get irritated by nonstop nagging of their superior. Changing your job is not advisable. For now, take it easy and be more patient. No major monetary gains are foreseen. You need to cut out your unnecessary personal expenses to enable you to save money satisfactorily for future needs. With regards to health, those with chronic issues may face troubles. You need to avoid stressful situations and improve your lifestyle.

LEO (July 23 to August 22): No major monetary gains are foreseen. You need totally cut out your unnecessary expenditure in order for you to save money. You may feel neglected at your current work due to lack of appreciation for your hard work. You're advised to keep performing at your best. Also keep your peers and superiors in good humor. This week, you will be preoccupied with domestic matters such as home decor change or some repair work. In health, issues in digestive system will likely to bother you. Treat this promptly to avoid complications.

VIRGO (August 23 to September 22): In the beginning of the week, you will come across an attractive business opportunity. You are advised not to jump with excitement. Careful calculation and deliberation should be done before investing. At work, you will be entrusted with some difficult task to work on. This will be quite challenging and will require much time to finish. Managing your finances will be hard this time as unplanned expenses increase. As much as possible, try to keep expenses in check. Stressful situations may have an adverse effect on your health. Guard yourself from viral infections.

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22): Financial front will be in comfortable position. Don't splurge your funds on any unnecessary things and keep enough provision for emergency. Fresh investment is not favorable this time. At work, you tend to feel irritated about no progress in your career and at the same time you will be burdened with heavy workload. You need to wait for some time for due appreciation, in terms of monetary gains. Romance looks to be pleasant and enjoyable

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 22): This will be favorable time for singles who are planning to take their relationships to the next level. Married ones will be preoccupied with matters related to work and finance with little time for family. Try to balance your time between work and family. Money matters will remain unorganized. Your desire to earn extra money above your regular income will become stronger. With regards to career, you need to carry more responsibility on provisional basis. No major health issues foreseen this week. Just maintain a healthy lifestyle.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 to December 22): You will remain in a stable financial position. You will be hard pressed to improved performance at work. You will have a cordial relationship with your peers and higher ups. Businesspersons should not compromise over quality of goods and attend promptly to customer complains. In health, you will encounter some minor issues so be more careful this week. Strengthen your immune system and try to do some meditation. It will work wonders for your health.

CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19): You will be preoccupied with financial matters this week. Opportunity will come your way and may thrill you. However, don't get carried away by the size of the deal and give yourself enough time to think things through. You need to maintain cordial relationship with your superiors and peers at work. You will benefit from them when the time comes. In romance, singles will enjoy their new-found love. Existing relationships may face some disharmony. Try to sort out contentious issues.

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18): You will have a hard time to meet deadlines at work, owing to hurdles in routine activities. There will be some large scale projects for businesspersons dealing with government or semi-government institutions to work upon. In financial front, don't take important decisions related to money matters this week. Set your priorities after due deliberations. Married ones will likely to face argument with their partner over differences in setting priorities at home.

PISCES (Febraury 19 to March 20): You will feel stressed due to heavy workload and extended hours at work to meet deadlines. Businesspersons will discover new avenues to work upon to increase earnings. Financial status will be stable. You'll be able manage your routine expenses. Married couples needs to be more affectionate and caring. At the same time, they must not take your life partners for granted. Some old health issues may crop up this week so take care!

Profile of Sandeep Bhargava:
Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava is a man of pure intellect and spirituality is an exemplary character in the field of astrology. He was only 14, when he started practicing astrology and now he has over 22000 followers all over the world. A true devotee of the goddess named 'Kamakhya', he believes that his powers and immense knowledge in astronomy is god gifted and with that, he intends to bring happiness into people's life. From successful TV shows in India to invigorating radio shows in UAE his achievements are countless. He has also featured in several magazines throughout the globe.

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Somebody said correctly, "misfortune never comes alone". Fate can be cruel at times and it can lead to a series of unlikely events. Aacharya Sandeep Bhargava has solutions to all the difficulties and misfortunes.

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Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope based by Pandith Arjun Swami : 10/11/2019 - 10/17/2019

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Pandith Arjun Swami
Pandith Arjun Swami- Famous Indian Astrologer. Call +1 972-822-7679 & E-mail:

ARIES (Chu , Che , Cho , Lo , Lu, Le , Aaa, L and Ch): You may have to spendanxious moments for your children. The attitude of one of your child may tense you. This may give rise to the complexities going on in your family. It can continue from 4th of the month till the second week. If your daughter has already been married, there are high chances that upheaval in her married life may upset you awfully. But do not worry as your spouse will always stand hand in hand with you and by you.

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TAURUS (E , Au , O, V , Vee , Voo, Ve , Vo ) : Due to your inclination towards superstitious beliefs do you tend to rely blindly on others? Well the prediction of the month says that you may be caught in deceit. Property related issues may put you in a chaotic and confusing state. The time demands tolerance and calmness from your end.

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GEMINI (K , Ki , Ku, Gh , D , Ko , H ): If you can choose to be frugal in your monetary approach from the very beginning of this week, you will not have to go through any financial stress in the rest of this week. You are advised to be careful towards your health as during the end of this week you may have to under go an operation or heavy bleeding may deteriorateyour health condition.

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CANCER (Hi , Hu , H , Ho , Da , Di , Du , De , Do): Your actions may give birth enmity and enviousness in many people whom you know. Due to various reasons you may remain mentally agitated. This adverse period may begin from the 2nd week of the month and will go on in subsequentdays. However in the third week your actions may be hailed by the societypeople and this may soothe you. You are also advised not to rely on others blindly. Perhaps you are trying hard to support someone with all your heart but you never know that you may end up harming yourself.

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LEO (Ma , Mi , Mu , Mo , Ta , Ti , Tu , Te , T): Do not indulge in any kind of condemnation and criticism. You are also not expected to associate yourself in any kind of corruption. During this week you may tempted by the above stated things but remember that your sensibility and intelligence will lead you to the victory.

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VIRGO (To , Pa , Pee , Pu , P , Th , Pe , Po): If on the second week a new business can be owned by your wife and started, it may bag huge profit. During the second week you may get immense support from one of your friends. Your desire for a four wheeler or a two wheeler may finally be fulfilledin the second week, but on the other side there are high chances of you losing avaluable belonging. Your daily chores will be performed smoothly although you cannot evade from financial stress as for any unexpected reason expenses maykeep escalating.

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LIBRA (Ra , Ree , Ru , Re , Ro , Ta , Ti , Too , Te , R and T): The second week there are possibilities of you makingmistakes in calculating and keeping accounts of the money used in dealings. Do not take any drastic steps regarding the expenditure or investment ordaily handling with the money as the time after 20th seems to berisky for you. For the renovation of your house you may have to spend well. Sorefrain yourself from wasting money over silly and unnecessary things.

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SCORPIO (To, Na , Ni , Nu, Ne , No, Ya , Yi , Yu , T , N, Y): Your actions may add another one in the group of people who nurture rivalry against you. However the unconditional support from your friend may trigger immense respect and love in your mind for your friend. Anxiety may stir you from within but do not worry as you can expect the backing of your friend. However these last days may appear to be gainful.

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SAGITTARIUS (Ye , Yo , Fa , Fi , E , Y and F ): You may have a correct state of health and bodily fitness thanks to you obsession for perfection. However, you may have to start again worrying about little things in life.You may have to take careful measures against the quarrel with your spouse which may heighten up. You may also experience dwindling of financial resources.You may have a depressing period in your mood swinging mind state. You may have to take a dreadful apathy towards your work pattern. An unlikely state of depression may continue to haunt you with the grayness in everywhere. That is because your mother with whom you are attached may experience physical discomfort.You may have to face a critical discomfort in your job life. You may have more than an average day in your business. You may also have mediocre time if you are new to work. You may get a new found energy and zeal in your work. Your social recognition may increase manifold. You may have god chances of promotion and throw expensive parties.You may have to keep yourself very careful from any accident related to vehicles. You may have to do lot expense. Do not pay heed t others problem which may cause you trouble.

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CAPRICORN (Bho , Ja , Ji , Khee , Khu , Kho , Bh , Kh): Second week of the month this may cost you a huge loss. The subordinates and labors of your enterprise may create a tumultuous environment in the workplace during the third week. The prosperity of your brother or sister may make you immensely proud. This phase of happiness may start during 15th and afterwards. Everything may go well in your family life but the issues associated with your child may worry you

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AQUARIUS (Goo , Ge , Go , Sa , Soo, Se , So ): The second week seems to be troublesome for the professors as they may encounter professional hazards. The politicians may enjoy their power over mass but excessive lust over control and power may hamper your upcoming works.

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PISCES: Any monetary problem that you have been struggling with may get resolved after 12th.During the second week, especially on 16th, 17th, 18th you may need legal advice regarding property matters. Your lavish expenses may stir the balance of your financial spending and gain.

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Profile of Pandith Arjun Swami:
Pandith Arjun Swami practicing astrology from 1994, lives in Dallas, TEXAS now he has many followers in USA. A true devotee of the goddess named ‘Renu Yellamma Devi’, he believes that his powers and immense knowledge in astronomy is god gifted and with that, he intends to bring happiness into people's life. He start is online and remote prayers with spiritual meditation worked for many many clients. So, no matter where you are or what you do, if you are not happy or if there is some problem, do not fret. Pandith Arjun Swami can help you and bring back that long lost happiness you are craving for. His Website: