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Rainbow Run at Willows Run Mini Golf

Contributed by : Anuv Vaghul
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Do you think you are an expert at golf? Do you have the skills to make a hole-in-one? Put your putting expertise to the test at the fun, diverse and challenging Rainbow Run Miniature Golf course at Willows Run, in Redmond.

For those who have never heard of or played mini golf before, the game consists of one club, the putter, and a single golf ball. The objective: attempt to hit your ball in the hole using the least number of strokes, or hits.

The course consists of 18 holes, each hole unique with its own difficulties. Rainbow Run offers you this game, but with several interesting twists. You must successfully get your ball in the hole, without it falling victim to the many wacky and deceiving obstacles that lay on each hole throughout the course.

From small water hazards and fake holes, to caves and tricky slopes, players will surely be challenged, no matter the skill level. To compliment the obstacles, there are also several shortcuts that you can use to send your ball as close to the hole as possible!

As an active golfer myself, it is sometimes hard to enjoy playing on actual courses, especially courses containing long, daunting par 5's, and short, tough par 3's. Golfers are so concerned with their performance that the pure enjoyment of golf is simply cast away into a shadow, and then a demand for excellence and concentration is held under an intense spotlight.

Rest assured, Rainbow Run at Willows Run Golf Course will surely alleviate the stresses of actual golf while maintaining a friendly, competitive environment for players to enjoy. The putting sticks are good, and Willows Run provides you with vibrant colored golf balls, to eliminate hitting the wrong ball, and to help identify your ball.

Rainbow Run is the perfect place to bring a group of friends or family. In my experiences, a group of friends makes the game interesting and adds to the overall fun in mini golf. This mini-golf course is also a great place to bring children of all ages, as they will enjoy playing outdoors with their friends and family, and will be excited about the fun and creativeness of the course.

There are a few downsides to the Rainbow Run miniature golf course. Admission fees can be a little expensive, and the course can become crowded depending on the time of day and day of the week. As a result, the rate game-play varies depending on the group ahead, or behind you, which is not good, or enjoyable.

Aside from these few problems, Rainbow Run at Willows Run Golf Course is a great place to have fun golfing. No matter your age or skill level, you will surely have a great time golfing at this miniature golf course!


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